Contatract: Topology

    Storage space provider:it relies on the synchronization check task dispatched by the blockchain
    Transaction service provider: it relies on the blockchain multi-layer consensus mechanism to operate.
    Data Service Provider: it handles user-delivered tasks.
Distributed applications


Contatract will gradually be applied to various fields
  • Cloud services and big data transactions
    To provide distributed cloud services
  • Communication and social media
    To provide distriubted communication and social media services
  • Identification and labor market
    To provide KYC services and labor market services
  • Finance and e-commerce
    To provide distributed finance and distributed e-coomerce services
  • Government affairs
    To provide government affairs management services
  • MORE
    To provide more Contatract distributed applications services
Contatract Email

Contatract Email: Features

Distributed email system
Peer-to-peer email and file transfer
Privacy and security: encrypted by private key and stored in personal space

8 expandable features
  • Scalable function
  • Synchronous communication
  • Authentication
  • Social systems and self-media
  • Labor market and outsourcing
  • Financial products and token transactions
  • E-commerce
  • game

Contatract Email: technology

CTT.Email Framework
  • Foxmail
  • Mail.qq
    Traditional service provider
  • Cluster
    Traditional service provider
  • MailClient
Mail Server Operater
Contatract public chain